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Venus Fly Trap sun catcher, 3D, 3" pot, Stained Glass

Venus Fly Trap sun catcher, 3D, 3" pot, Stained Glass

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3D iridescent stained glass sun catcher Venus Fly Trap, affixed in a decorative 3 inch pot with simple white sand.   Perfect for any window, sink decoration, desk art, or book shelf.  Best when light hits it to get the dramatic affect. 

Great for the plant lover in your life!  No need to water, feed, or manage... just a simple dusting once in a while. 

Made in Tiffany style stained glass, I took a picture of my Venus Fly Trap and drew a pattern off it, memorialized forever. Shipped securely, and with tracking.  Want a specific color scheme? more fronds? with painful spikes?  With a pod closed? message me to get started. 

***all Stained glass is handmade, it has bubbles, lines, craze/crack lines, ridges, open bubbles that look like cracks but aren't, bumps, lumps, uneven thickness and texture, iridescent is one sided, irregularity in color, transparency, and opaqueness.  ****

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