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Ursula's Handmade Treasures

Business card holder, Stained Glass, Blue iridescent octopus, flower

Business card holder, Stained Glass, Blue iridescent octopus, flower

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Maximalist Desk decor and useful to boot. Made specifically for standard size business cards, but I've seen them used for air plants, candies, and even fancy-smancy product displays. 

I enjoy figuring out what to do with the raw edge of the glass, it always looks like flowing water or hills. I designed this around that feature, and no two will ever be alike. This iridescent clear and textured glass is subtle in its initial view but the depth of it grows as you look closer.  This piece is a high end version, if you like the design but want a more simple version keep looking through the store, or contact me for a custom design. 

Coated in wax, best for indoor long term. If you plan on a permanent outside residence....  To refresh use warm dish soap and soft brush, then re-apply the carnauba wax (car wax, yes it works!) and buff to a shine.

Hand made in Bandon Oregon. 

Ships securely wrapped and boxed.

***all Stained glass is handmade, it has bubbles, lines, craze/crack lines, ridges, open bubbles that look like cracks but aren't, bumps, lumps, uneven thickness and texture, iridescent is one sided, irregularity in color, transparency, and opaqueness.  ****

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