I know I'm late to the party about "facial massage"  Still glad I tried it (with my own twist)!

I know I'm late to the party about "facial massage" Still glad I tried it (with my own twist)!

Facial massage; with oil and rocks.... You've probably seen the Jade rollers, or hematite eggs, or the marble wands. Out at a store, online in an advertisement, or on some morning talk show.  Or you've seen them, and were probably just like me: totally ignorant. 

On a social media site that I follow, one of the numerous pointless ads (do you get the Ball hammock under wear one too...?  really?), one of my friends left a comment.  The ad was for a facial massage product kit.  It was a video.  My friend had stated she loved doing daily facial massage and has changed her self care routine.  Honestly, a comment from a friend is one of the few ways for me to click to see more... either that or have a not-so-straight-forward picture so I wonder "what the heck is that".  I hit the click bate, and  watched the ad. 

Synopsis: there was an 18 year old Polynesian woman using specially carved stones to massage her face, bring a more 'youthful glow'.  Seriously!   Having to hold back my sarcastic response: Like yesterday, when she was born?  I noticed that the rocks looked just like many of the tumbled agates I have collected from our local beaches. 

I have oil, I have smooth rocks, and I have a face. 

So I searched up massage techniques for the face: the brow, under the eye, along the high cheek bones, and along the jaw.   Then I pulled out my box of tumbled agates, after all I do have a fabulous selection on hand.  I could chose the coolest, perfectly contoured to my face, rock.  

There were two I tried:  One is a half dome shaped the rock. I believe it's a composite of red stone and white marble in a beautiful flame design.  The second is a flat Grey stone, but in the shape of a heart.  Thin, slight cupping in my hands.   I wanted to see if there was a different feeling or result with the different shapes.  I know, the ads are all for Jade rollers or wands, but I went with what called to me. 

I washed my face, put my favorite oil moisturizer on and then started the routine I had found on line.  At first it felt silly, but then I noticed I had knots in the muscles above my eyebrows, at my temples, and around the jaw.  I was able to control the pressure along the under eye for a comfortable swipe. I did it until I felt most of those knots break up, and my arms got tired.  It felt good.... but come 20 minutes later it felt amazing!  My face felt light, lots of movement, "floating". 

In the morning when I looked in the mirror I did not look like I'd just been sleeping on my face, pissed off because I woke up 15 before my alarm, and find out there is no milk left to put in my tea!  I looked like I had been up for a while and content with the day.  I actually took a second look! 

The Next day I tried the other rock, in all honesty both worked the same, felt the same, same result in the morning. Well, maybe the Polynesian Lady was in her late 20's?  Yeah right, but still made me think "there must be something to this".  

The 3rd night I decided to just do the massage with my hands, and the 4th night no massage.  The results ended up being a time warp back to before I did the facial massage with the Agates. On the 5th morning I did the facial massage right then...  Now, it's a nightly routine!

Moral of the story: never be afraid to try something new, sometimes those pesky ads can actually improve your life, and man I have a lot of rocks... they need to find homes.  I recommend trying the facial massage, maybe you will like it too!  

Should I post my Agate collection for sale? Is there any interest? 



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