Hey, Ursula here.  Every day my goal is to go to be with a feeling of increase.  Increased happiness, increased creativity, increased stability, and increased positive effect in this world.

Hello to whom ever decides to join our studio ramblings!

You know there is simplicity and joy in having a problem sorted.  For example, my keyboard.  I have worked for years on second hand or refurbished laptops, I enjoyed the portability and flexibility, but I have to be honest every single one of them died because of the keyboard.  I thought I could just get around by pressing a little harder, even went so far to change entire sentences to avoiding using "those letters"  (I'm squinting menacingly at "2, x, z, a, e, and r")  that just would not show up on the screen.  In all honesty, I was doing what I'd always done: just make it work, go with the flow, there's other things that are more important... don't make a fuss, after all I have 3 "working laptops stacked up from 20+ years of use" just none of them are accessible with out an external keyboard. 

Well, my fabulous other half asked me at the holidays: what do you truly want. (I have to be honest, I am so hard to buy/make for... I make everything I want, and if I can't make it I just get it...I am the problem)   I said simply a keyboard that works... well, that went from a second hand lap top to an amazing full blown computer terminal, a rainbow lighted clickty-clackity keyboard, and a swing arm mounted screen.  

Now if you've made it this far, you are probably like: WTHeck has this to do with wire weaving, glass arts, fabric creations?  I get you. 

I have been avoiding sharing my wonderful designs, tutorials, pictures, general Blah-de-blah with the world all because of those non-functioning keys "2, x, z, a, e, and r".  (For those of you who indulge in the latest craze "wordle", you understand now a simple letter can effect your day! )

So what can you expect from here on out? Well random posts about cats:

Mephistopheles the future ruler of the 9 Kingdoms of Hell

Meet  my pretty boy... Stophie, don't let the angle fool you, he's HUGE! and Fluffy. and it's a trap.

You may see a tutorial or two, I love requests. I can do anything from mini-top hat tutorials to full on lampwork bead designs, and if you are really sweet to me I will share a few wild foraged mushroom recipes. 

Krakken in Progress

You will probably see lots of works in progress... Here are two of them.  The first and most obvious is my latest Krakken project.  Still have lots of legs to go.  The not so obvious is the Viking wire woven torque, I am still working on the end closures, but it is GLORIOUS! When it is done you'll see it's own blog post. I've been taking pictures along the way. That one is 2.5 and counting years in the making. 

Grandma Joy remembered

You will see finished projects, either ones for sale or like the above: custom orders.   I began wire weaving because it is calming, and forces me to take my time, not to rush things, learn to go with the flow.  Teaching me that not everything is life or death, if I mess up on a wire weaving it just starts over (or goes in the naughty bin, until I can face it again). This is a huge change from my "9-5" employment. 

Hearts to you!

You will even see little fiddles that I do, just to calm my mind.  I found this video tutorial for a wire woven heart ring. I thank who put it up- sorry I did not save your info, but you rock!-I was very impressed on how delicate yet beautiful this turned out.  I have to wear non-standout rings, not to hard for me since I really don't like things sticking up from my fingers, and this one just nestled in and I have not taken it off since.  Through a gagillion glove changes/hand washes, putting my hands in peoples mouths (yes, fun huh?!), washing my hair, digging in the sand on the beach.  I need to go back and find the tutorial link, I am going to put these up in my shop- with a link to the original tutorial for those who want to try making their own. But for those that like final projects, I'll make you one. 

So that's me. I'm happy you are here. 

Want to see more? I have a facebook (ursulasglassgoddess), instagram (ursulashandmadetreatsures), or you can message me here.  Or just lurk. I love lurking. 


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